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The Cardone Zone

Nov 1, 2022

Free game on how to become successful from  Percy R. Miller (AKA Master P)


  • Why service first and excitement for life is vital to winning in your life.


  • Struggle = Success? Yes. But only when you learn life's lessons, execute, and remain grateful.


  • How the “Lion Mentality” is a must if you want to win big in life


  • Why investing in yourself and giving back is crucial for a successful life.


  • How to measure success (hint: it’s not just about the money)


  • Why cracking the code and escaping a mindset of poverty and scarcity will explode your results (and how to do it)


  • Why surrounding yourself with people who push you is key to your success (you can either walk with the pigeons or fly with the eagles)


  • What 10X means to Percy.


If you’re ready to start designing a 10X life, then discover the 5 things you can do NOW to grow your business & income…


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