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The Cardone Zone

Jun 27, 2018

First, you need to take responsibility for the solution and that’s why more people don’t.
Second, accept responsibility for doing the wrong things. Then take the negative situations and that energy and flip it to benefit you. There is so much negativity in the stuff you don’t like that if you can harness it and...

Jun 26, 2018

Grant interviews Mikey Taylor, professional skateboarder, entrepreneur and real estate investor. Taylor enjoyed skateboarding and knew he wanted to make money at it. But he also knew that skateboarding alone wouldn’t get him to the goal he created for himself. Through his investments, he currently has eight...

Jun 25, 2018

Investing in the right finances for your real estate deals is one of the most important things you’ll do. Creating the right amount of debt, getting the best rates and determining cash flow on your deal is incredibly important. Take the time to study and learn. Know real estate financing, and get it right.

Jun 22, 2018

If you want money you’ve got to get on offense. I was raised on the “defense of finances” strategy. I was taught that way because that’s what my mother knew. But you can’t win a boxing match or a soccer game without going on the offense. To win, you have to go for the knockout or the goal. A financial defense...

Jun 21, 2018

Are You in The Right Job?
Have you ever asked yourself if you are in the right job? How about if, and when you should quit a job? You need to know when it’s simply time to double-down or move on from a position.

You need to determine if the problem is the job itself, or you. Make the effort to take a serious look at...