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The Cardone Zone

Mar 30, 2018

Have as much money as possible coming in from passive income. I want a check every month, how about you? I want the company to pay me and I want the real estate to pay me even if I didn’t ’t work today.

There are not a lot of options for passive income out there. You make 50k you pay 15k in taxes, you need to figure out how to get this 3k a month you’re left with into passive income.

When you buy stock you don’t need to worry about the loss it had over time because you really already lost the money when you bought the stock. You gave money for a piece of paper. Stop buying things that go up and down, you need something stable that pays dividends over time.

If you make 100k a year your goal should be another 100k matched in passive income. Ultimately you want more passive than active income.

Invest in things that stay stable. You don’t want a piece of paper you want a piece of asset. Only invest in companies that can’t be disrupted. AT&T went down because its in telecom and it got disrupted, Facebook will be disrupted, Apple will be disrupted. Just look at all things from 30 years ago that don’t exist anymore, like your mom's old phone. This is model you want to follow: work your ass off, save your money, when there is a good asset - buy it. You guys spend money on junk, I spend money on things that go up in value over time and give me passive income. Get on the smart side of investing!