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The Cardone Zone

Oct 25, 2017

What did your parents tell you to do? What advice have you received from them that you’ve bought into? Your mom and dad were your first mentors. You looked up to them because you thought they knew what they were doing. They taught you that things are scarce, that you must concentrate your energies to save, that you’ve got to buy a home and not rent, and that you must go to college, right? So, you inherit their mistakes. Your mama is operating with some old ideas. You don’t save money, you use money. You’re sold an idea on college because it used to be the path to the middle class. Your parents taught you ideas that you can’t have, that you need to retreat, and that strangers are dangerous.

Learn from their mistakes and learn from your own successes. Instead of what your parents told you, here’s what’s been successful for me:

1) Invest in yourself first. This will allow you to increase your income.
2) Invest in business second. Wealth is all about creating more and more income, not saving.
3) Invest in other investments that produce income. At some point you need passive income that works for you while you sleep.