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The Cardone Zone

Oct 11, 2022

The keys to success from OG Power Players, Grant Cardone, and Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec you can use right now.


  • Develop a success mindset: Why the mindset of possibility is the key to your success.


  • Why “hard work” does not equal success (and what to do instead).


  • Why you must become a marketing monster: There’s no genius in the darkness of a basement.


  • The #1 key to building a powerhouse team. (Hint: it’s not the degrees or experience)


  • Stop overthinking success! Discover the X-factor to winning in business and life.


  • So, you want to become a success? The #1 question to ask yourself daily to become great is inside.


  • The great separator between the successful and unsuccessful. (Nail this, and you’re guaranteed to win big).


The keys to massive success are in your hands.


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