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The Cardone Zone

Oct 25, 2022

The keys to designing a successful life. Let investor, and multifamily real estate master,  Rob Dyrdek, hand you the keys.


  • Unlock the 7 cores to build a successful business.


  • Why designing your life is the key to success (and how to do it).


  • The key questions you must ask yourself if you want to create a 10X life.


  • Hope is not a strategy: Why developing patience with purpose is vital to your success.


  • The X-factors to look for when building your team (Hint: it’s not the degrees).


  • Why thinking bigger is a must if you want an exceptional life (skip this, and you’ll never make it).


  • What 10X means to Rob.


If you’re ready to start designing a 10X life, then discover the 5 things you can do NOW to grow your business & income…


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