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The Cardone Zone

Oct 13, 2017

How do you go to the next level? Whether you want to go from 25K to 50K, or go from 200K to 400K, it’s not about working harder. There are people that work less hard than you do who make 100X what you make. You’re not going to save your way to prosperity; you have to make the decision to make more money. You must learn to hate where you’re at in life. Stop hating on others and start hating on yourself so that you keep improving yourself! You need to take time out of the equation. You’re going to make 50K this year and next year, but what could you do today to take time out of the equation and make that second 50K that you’re going to make next year anyway, and make it this year? Don’t abandon your first flow of income. Too many people look for the next big thing and forget about what is already making them money. Always get better at the first thing you do: earning income. Think creatively to earn money. Remember that there is a direct relationship between time and money—they are connected. What do they have in common? If you want more money, you really want more time. Speed is the new big. You need to either go half as far or twice as fast. If you could have more of time or money, which of them would you choose? Time is money. Time is distance / speed, so if you want to get rich you have to do more with your time!