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The Cardone Zone

Apr 14, 2017

How to Find Your Dream Job—It’s been said that having a job means just over broke. You have the wrong job then. You can work for someone else and get rich. You don’t have to own the business to get rich. If you are broke, it’s not a dream job. A dream job is not what you want to do. A dream job will pay you enough money to make money on this planet. You don’t need to love it, you need money. Don’t tell me how much you love your job; tell me how much paper you get. You need to get in the right vehicle. The right vehicle has 2 things for a dream job:
1) Margin—The 99 cent store will never pay enough because they have no margin.
2) Volume—Selling planes may have big margin but there is no volume in that.
The right vehicle will also have the right driver, someone willing to accelerate and go. Don’t move to an industry that is dying. The right vehicle will have horsepower and not just give you the job you want, but the life you want.