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The Cardone Zone

Aug 19, 2016

What do I do with my money?

Today on the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone takes callers and talks about stocks and the financial condition of the world today. If you’re in stocks sell. Grant got rid of his stocks last week. In your lifetime you will see no more Macy’s and Kmart because shopping centers are going under. Why go someplace to shop when you can click on Amazon? America is the cleanest shirt in the closet—that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have wrinkles. The likelihood of the market going down is much higher than it going up. You need 100K in savings before you should think about investing. Grant’s not being negative, he’s trying to help out. All your attention should be on producing money. Wages are going down. There’s going to be destruction and people who aren’t financially prepared will be punished. Think about it—the stock market is worth 20% more than the entire GDP of the US. It’s in the same range as the year 2000 when it boiled over. Get yourself in a position of opportunity. You have to have ammo on a safari—when the time comes to go hunting for real estate you need to be loaded. When the world goes dark it’s your time to get bright. Get on Playbook to Millions today to get your money right—the deal is going to end soon—just like the prosperity in the stock market.