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The Cardone Zone

Jun 10, 2016

On the Cardone Zone this Friday Grant Cardone talks doubt and money. There is no such thing as self doubt. All doubt comes from another source. It’s other people’s doubt adopted. The environment tells you to doubt. Doubt comes from outside influences.

There’s no self-garbage site, rather what once was nature got turned into a dump because people put trash there. Doubt got dropped on you from another space. Someone told you to doubt yourself.

Why you aren’t rich?

#1 Outside influence: Again, there’s doubt being implanted in you from others. They say things like “money won’t make you happy”.

#2 Bad information—a penny saved is penny earned. No, it’s a penny. Money doesn’t grow on trees. No, it’s printed and they always print more. There’s more dollars than trees on this planet.

#3 No plan— People go to college and wonder why they are there. This is why people fail, they don’t even know what they want. Plans requires the world to be static. Bad things happen that aren’t in the plan.

#4 You need skills—At 15 Grant wasn’t sure if a girl would go out with him. Now he could be a ladies man—if he weren’t already happily married. The point is even if you want something you can’t get it without having some needed skills.

Most people don’t know how to sell and therefore cannot get rich until they learn this essential skill.

Who wants to get rich?

Follow the money!

You have to get excited. All successful people are excited. If you don’t get excited about your money you won’t have any. Get the Playbook to Millions. You have to know you don’t know something.

You have outside influence making you feel like you can’t be rich, you get bad information from people, you have no plan, and you have no skills. It’s work to stay poor. Poor isn’t fun and it doesn’t get you excited, does it?

Write down everything you have doubt about and circle the ones that are reoccurring, then figure out who is fueling the doubt. What is it that you don’t know about that thing that causes you doubt? If you have doubt about something you need to learn about it.

Get rich!