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The Cardone Zone

Aug 9, 2022

If they don't know you, they won't flow you!  People need to know who you are or they won't buy your product. You have to be known, thought about, and considered. Social media is KEY to this.

Jul 26, 2022

Average thoughts will give you average actions. In order to become above average, you need to start with changing your mind set. You won't believe the level of success you are capable of.

Jul 20, 2022

People say there are three degrees of action. #1 The Right Action, #2 The Wrong Action, and #3 NO Action, but the reality is that there are 4 degree of actions and the 4th action is the one I LIVE by




Jun 30, 2022

In life you get what you negotiate for not what you deserve. The winner is always the best negotiator. Being able to negotiate is the key to being successful.

Jun 16, 2022

Which Money Mistakes do you live by EVERYDAY which are costing you your money?