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The Cardone Zone

Mar 18, 2016

Every week Grant Cardone comes at you on the Cardone Zone to talk about career, business, and finance. This week the topic is MISTAKES. What do you do when you screw up? We sent out an inappropriate email to 100’s of thousands of companies including places like Google, Aflac, and All-State. We all mistakes. The key is how you recover from them. Mistakes are really MEstakes because mistakes are your fault.

When you’ve made a mistake, do the following:

1) Confront Head On
Be a useful tool for disseminating accurate and timely information. Dealing with the media in good times or when things are more challenging, can be frustrating.
2) Handle It—Set the Rules of the Game
We made a mistake, I own it and I hope you can forgive us for it. I won’t apologize over and over again. People make mistakes. I am not going to be punished repeatedly.
3) Use the Energy of the Crisis or Mistake to Increase Exposure
Write articles, do interviews, record podcasts, etc. Get in front of the story if you can.

You have different channels that you can get away with different things. Your biggest mistake would be if you are too scared to make any mistakes. Realize that when a wreck happens people look. Make the best of the situation and turn the bad into a good!